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Non Stop Flight
Leopard Stud Colt

Sire: The Radio Flyer
Dam: All Ways Always

Reserve National Champion Hunter in Hand Stallions​

Cowboy Cookiemonster
Bay Gelding

Sire: Choc Full of Chips
Dam: Cowboys Bonnie Lass

Come Out N Play
February 23, 2011

Dam: Keeper G
Sire: Just Shockin Ya'll

Radio Control Flyer
2011 - 2018
Color: Bay with frosting, spots and 1 hind sock.

Dam: Cowboys Bonnie Lass
Sire: The Radio Flyer

If the Slipper Fits

Dam: Andrews Secretary by Impressive Andrew 
Sire: Just Shockin Yall  

Black FPD Filly
Foaled March 17, 2010

Shocked N Loaded

Dam: Visions Cutie by Vision Maker 
Sire: Just Shockin Yall  

Chestnut Fewspot Leopard Stud Colt
Foaled March 18, 2010


Dam: All Ways Always by Always Dignified 
Sire: Just Shockin Yall  

Bay Fewspot Leopard Gelding
Foaled April 9, 2010


Dam: Coolariva by Mr. Cool Hand Luke 
Sire: The Radio Flyer  

Chestnut Leopard Gelding
Foaled May 3, 2010

Reserve National Champion
 3 year old Hunter Under Saddle at the Canadian National Show!

Top 10 at 2012 ApHC World Show!

Shockin Elegance

Black Filly with characteristics 
 1/28/2009 - 2013

Dam: Andrews Secretary
Sire: Just Shockin Yall

Shock Attack

Performance Permit Issued
Gelding Foaled 3/15/2009

Dam: Coolest Desire
Sire: Just Shockin Yall

An App For That

Chestnut near leopard FPD Gelding
Foaled 3/19/2009

Dam: Visions Cutie
Sire: Just Shockin Yall

FPD Enrolled​

Chestnut Filly with characteristics 

 4/3/2009 - 4/23/2009

We are saddened to announce that we lost this beautiful filly at 20 days old. 

Dam: Keeper G
Sire: Just Shockin Yall

Bred by Proper Appalosas
Fairest of Them All

Homozygous chestnut snowcap Filly  
Foaled 4/23/2009

Dam: All Ways Always
Sire: Just Shockin Yall

FPD Enrolled
The Seducer

2008 Gelding
Sire: Te Coolest
Dam: Visions Cutie

Desires Darling

2008 - 2015 Filly
Sire: Maid Prety Impresive
Dam: Coolest Desire

Top 5 World Champion in Non Pro Halter
Top 10 World Champion in Yearling Halter Mares
 ROM in Halter

The Big Bang

2008 Gelding
Sire: Maid Prety Impresive
Dam: Bon Bon's A Coming

All Ways At Midnite

2008 Gelding
Sire: Maids Midnite Delite
Dam: All Ways Always 

FPD Enrolled
Wes Turn Promises

2008 Filly 
Sire: Wes Turn Page
Dam: Princevilles Maiden

Sold to Mexico!
On Time For Once

2008 Gelding
Sire: An Awesome Secret
Dam: Send Me Success

Maids Desire

Gelding Foaled 2007
Dam: Coolest Desire 
Sire: Maids Dream

An Awesome Cutie

Mare Foaled 2007
Dam: Visions Cutie
Sire: An Awesome Secret

Top 5 in Open Hunter in Hand yearling mares at the 2008 Nationals

Top 10 in Non Pro Hunter in Hand mares at the 2008 Nationals

ROM in Hunter in Hand in just 2 shows!!!

A Flawless Diamond

Gelding Foaled 2007
Sire: Diamonds Are Fatal
Dam: Andrews Secretary

Piper was born 6 weeks prematurely...she was so small at birth that she could run under her mother with out touching her. She was put under 24/ hour monitoring for her first week after a few days she started to run and play and act like a normal foal. Unfortunately she wasn't out of the woods yet...her lungs were never fully developed and it was a miracle that Piper survived as long as she did. Piper died of interstitial pneumonia when she was 6 weeks old. 

While Piper was only with us a short while she taught us many things. She will always be remembered and will truly be missed. 

My Bonds Are Hot

2006 Gelding
Sire: Hotroddin Zippo
Dam: Bon Bon's A Coming

Breeders Trust Enrolled!

3rd in the Non Pro Pleasure Driving at the 2011 ApHC World Show!
Top 5 in the Open Pleasure Driving at the 2011 ApHC World Show!

Darksatin Vision

2006 Bay Filly with fingerprint spots over hips!

2/10/06 - 3/24/06

Sire: Darksatin Dreamer
Dam: Visions Cutie
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Foals from Previous Years

Heroes Love A Lady
Born: March 8, 2016

Dam: Lads Lass Straw  
Sire: Hands of A Hero

2016 - 2017

Dam: Girl On Fire
Sire: Mr Cool Hand Luke